Ground Source Heating Explained

Protected: An Introduction to Ground Source Heating Systems

Post on 11 Nov 2019 by Jenny Hormell

The earth is a huge solar collector, absorbing 47% of the sun’s energy, more than 500 times more energy than mankind needs, every year, in the form of clean renewable energy....

UK Borehole Map - Waterwells, Ground Source Heating, Cathodic Protection

The Waterseekers Borehole Map

Post on 04 Oct 2019 by Jenny Hormell

It's a map of both water boreholes and boreholes for ground source heating, which we have installed over the last few years. Waterwells are marked with brown flags and Ground Source Heating projects are blue....

Sierra Nevada

Water Irrigation Systems in the Sierra Nevada

Post on 31 May 2019 by Jenny Hormel

Yes, you've guessed it. It's to do with water! Actually, it's also to do with the rich soil in the area too, since the whole of the Sierra Nevada mountain range is nothing other than a raised sea bed with hundreds of thousands of years of sea bed, turned fertile farming land. ...


Poor Crop Yields – Water Irrigation Solutions

Post on 30 Aug 2018 by Jenny Hormell

It's worth taking a step back a moment to remind ourselves what applications a borehole has. Some may think that we just install water wells in private domestic settings, but I would like to make it clear that we help out farmers too. If I am to quickly reel off some of our recent contracts, we can see that water boreholes have application across different sectors, including agricultural, commercial, manufacturing, and domestic:...

Hose Pipe Bans Are Always Called Off

Post on 06 Aug 2018 by Jenny Hormell

It's August 2018, the height of summer, temperatures are soaring and water shortages have certainly been felt by all. However, there are other shortages contributing to the problem. In a major report, the Environment Agency recently "dammed" the water utility companies for not investing sufficiently in infrastructure. As a result, the equivalent of 20 million people's daily water usage is being lost through leakages every day UK wide....


Water Drought – Safeguarding Your Water Supply

Post on 03 Jul 2018 by Jenny Hormell

Whilst water shortages are looming, and utility companies are losing water, a water well could be the solution to safeguard your supply....