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Water Boreholes – Enlightening Quotes

Post on 29 Feb 2016 by Water Well Drilling Enthusiast

This page is an ongoing growing collection of Enlightening Quotes to promote equally enlightening methods of supplying free, reliable, clean water to your business or home....


Post on 03 Feb 2015 by Water Well Drilling Enthusiast

After the successfull installation of a Borehole at there 1st glass production facility and within 4 month Essex Safety Glass commissioned WSWDS Limited to drill a identical Borehole for there second facility half a mile up the road....

Quotes About Water…That Make You Think

Post on 30 Sep 2014 by Water Well Drilling Enthusiast

This week we thought we would take a lighter, and wider look at the nature of water. We’ve collected a number of quotes that use the idea of water to make us think...